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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo Music influences culture, inspires companionship, and creates tension. To love music is to eternally welcome it into your heart like a significant other. Often compelling, occasionally frustrating, yet forever entwined with your heart. The Keep Calm and Rock On Podcast has launched to provide a roundtable-type platform to discuss the way rock and roll and popular music has moved people for the last 50 years. Through it's creators Angelo, Michael and Jamie, listeners will be led on musical exploration of all topics rock and roll, the familiar and the foreign. Every two weeks, Keep Calm and Rock On will release a new episode that will focus on a rarely explored avenue of rock and roll. KCRO - as the show is sometimes referred to - can be viewed as a metaphysical look into a genre that is normally explored from audio or literary perspectives. Each of the show's hosts is an adult blend of longtime musician and contemporary historian. Join Angelo, Michael and Jamie in their quest to explain the musically unexplainable and attain rock and roll unattainable...The Keep Calm and Rock On Podcast!
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Mar 28, 2016

KCRO Lite - Deep Blue Sea


On this week's KCRO Lite, Michael takes the helm and steers the USS KCRO through dangerous waters as Angelo and Jamie travel the world in search of rock and roll greatness. Jamie will check in from the road to share his thoughts on party cover bands and what they've done to some of rock and roll beloved anthems. Michael digs deep in the murky waters of the Chesapeake Bay to uncover one of the lesser known rock stories from KCRO's hometown of Baltimore MD, telling the story of Blue Seas Recording Studio. This week's artist of the week King of Birds, travels across the Atlantic Ocean from Scotland to share their music. And as always, KCRO corespondent Rockin' Bobby Gee returns for another installment of his "Beneath the Roots" saga, this time discussing the player piano. All this and much much on the Keep Calm and Rock On Experience!

Mar 21, 2016

Episode 29 - Reelin' In The Years: 1991


On this week's episode, Michael, Angelo and Jamie return for the second installment of their series "Reelin' in the Years" where they highlight what they believe are some of the most important years in rock music. This week, they take a step back to their childhoods to feature none other than 1991! A year that saw the debut of a new music style and scene in the Pacific Northwest, the emergence of a heavy metal band who would bring their music to the masses, as well as other prominent rock bands who hit the peak of their success, 1991 would turn out to be the most impactful year in music of the 90s. What were those impacts and how have these artists continued to help mold the landscape of music as we know it today? Tune in to KCRO to find out! On this week's second segment of the show, Michael brings back his highly requested "Ride the Lightning Round" where fast paced questions, lead to long winded answers. All this and much much more on this week's Keep Calm and Rock On Experience!

Mar 14, 2016

KCRO Lite - George Martin Tribute


On this week's KCRO Lite, Michael, Jamie and Angelo each share their thoughts on one of the most important producers in the history of rock and roll, George Martin. Martin passed away this past week at the age of 90, but leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Join the power trio of podcasting as they celebrate the life, career, and legacy of George Martin, on this week's Keep Calm and Rock On Experience.

Mar 7, 2016

Episode 28 - Dave Cobb


On this week's episode of the Keep Calm and Rock On Experience, Michael, Jamie and Angelo are joined by one of the hottest producers in country and rock, Dave Cobb. Fresh off wins for Best Country and Best Americana albums at this year's Grammy Awards, as well as a nomination for Producer of the Year, Dave has been working with some of the the most talented artist in Nashville including Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Rival Sons, and Sturgill Simpson. Dave joins the power trio of podcasting to discuss his brand new concept album "Southern Family" which comes out March 18th. He also discusses his upbringing in Georgia, his love of both rock and country, as well as his philosophies in the recording studio. All this and much much more on this week's KCRO Experience!