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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo Music influences culture, inspires companionship, and creates tension. To love music is to eternally welcome it into your heart like a significant other. Often compelling, occasionally frustrating, yet forever entwined with your heart. The Keep Calm and Rock On Podcast has launched to provide a roundtable-type platform to discuss the way rock and roll and popular music has moved people for the last 50 years. Through it's creators Angelo, Michael and Jamie, listeners will be led on musical exploration of all topics rock and roll, the familiar and the foreign. Every two weeks, Keep Calm and Rock On will release a new episode that will focus on a rarely explored avenue of rock and roll. KCRO - as the show is sometimes referred to - can be viewed as a metaphysical look into a genre that is normally explored from audio or literary perspectives. Each of the show's hosts is an adult blend of longtime musician and contemporary historian. Join Angelo, Michael and Jamie in their quest to explain the musically unexplainable and attain rock and roll unattainable...The Keep Calm and Rock On Podcast!
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Feb 15, 2016

KCRO Lite - The Vinyl Countdown


On this week's KCRO Lite, Jamie, Michael and Angelo return to discuss all of the trending news and topics in the rock and roll work this week including last week's halftime show, the up-coming Grammy awards, and the debut of the new HBO series Vinyl. The Power Trio of Podcast also review some listener feedback in the segment titled 'The Mail Never Stops'. You will also find out what happens when emo kids group up and get jazz degrees, as this week's artist of the week, Stop. Drop. Rewind. pay a visit to the KCRO Universe. And finally, no KCRO Lite would be complete with out another enthralling segment of "Beneath the Roots", where KCRO corespondent Rockin' Bobby Gee returns toe expand on the recent full length episode detailing the music of 1968, with "Lessons from Greasy Lake." All this and much much more on this week's Keep Calm and Rock On Experience.

Feb 8, 2016

Episode 26 - Rock 'n Jock


On this week's "Super" edition of the Keep Calm and Rock On Experience, Jamie, Angelo and Michael sit down during half time of the big game for a lighthearted discussion about the connections between rock music and sports. How did the the two worlds of sports and rock music become intertwined and what makes music and sporting events so important to the fans, the teams, and the audiences watching at home? The guys will also be joined by KCRO corespondent Rockin' Bobby Gee for a very special "Beneath the Roots" all about sport's biggest song, The Star Spangled Banner. In today's second segment, the power trio of podcasting will once again climb to the top of Mt. Rushmore to determine the 4 most important sports related songs in music. All this and much much more on this week's Keep Calm and Rock On Experience!

Feb 1, 2016

KCRO Lite - The Heat Is On


On this week's KCRO Lite, Jamie and Michael get together to reflect back on another week of rock roll news in the segment title "Second Hand News". They share their thoughts and stories about the career and legacy of Glenn Frey of The Eagles who passed away two weeks ago. In the listener feedback segment "The Mail Never Stops", they review some thoughts and comments from their most recent sit down interview with guitar entrepreneur Paul Reed Smith. This week's artist of the week is Nethan, who comes to the KCRO airwaves all the way from Minneapolis, Minnesota with their song "Red Godzilla". And finally, no KCRO lite would be complete with a visit from KCRO corespondent Rockin' Bobby Gee, who returns for another installment of "Beneath the Roots", this time entitled "Obsession." All this and much much more on this week's Keep Calm and Rock On Experience.

Jan 25, 2016

Episode 25 - Paul Reed Smith


On this week's show, Jamie, Angelo and Michael travel across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Stevensville, Maryland to sit down with guitar maker and entrepreneur, Paul Reed Smith. His company, PRS guitars has become the 3rd largest manufacturer of electric guitars in the United States and his instruments can be seen on stages all over the world, played by some of the greatest guitarists in the business. Paul sits down with the KCRO gang at his offices to chat about the 30 year history of PRS, the history of electric guitars, and his love of all things rock and roll. All this and much much more as the Keep Calm and Rock On Experience take a look into the mind of one of the greatest electric guitar makers over last 30 years!




Jan 18, 2016

KCRO Lite - David Bowie Tribute

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."

-David Bowie

On this week's special episode of KCRO Lite, Jamie, Michael and Angelo pay tribute to one of the greatest artist in the history or rock and pop music, David Bowie. After hearing of David Bowie's passing earlier this week, Michael, Angelo, and Jamie dedicated this week's episode to his memory. Join them as they reflect on the life and career of one of rock and roll's true originals, while also discussing his legacy now that he is gone.

Jan 11, 2016

Episode 24 - Reelin' In The Years: 1968


In this week's full length episode of KCRO, Michael, Angelo and Jamie debut a brand new series entitled "Reelin' In The Years" highlighting what they believe are some of the classic years in the history of rock and roll. In this first installment, they will feature 1968, an historically significant year featuring some of the greatest music ever made. What made 1968 so important to the continued development of rock music and how did the landscape of the late 60s culture and politics impact the music? They will also debut a brand second segment called "Exile On Wall Street" where each member of the Power Trio of Podcasting will decide who's stocks will be on the rise in 2016, and which artist's stocks you should sell! All this and much much more on this week's Keep Calm and Rock On Experience!

Jan 4, 2016

KCRO Lite - An Unforgettable Ace


On this first KCRO Lite of 2016, Jamie, Angelo and Michael try and recover from the inaugural KCRO New Year Rockin' Eve party the night before. While Jamie has a little trouble getting into gear, Angelo and Michael settle in to review some of the rock and roll news that is already hitting the wire in 2016 in the segment "Second Hand News". They also review some listener feed back in "The Mail Never Stops." The first new artist of the week in 2016 comes all the way from Orange County, California, Alta Sky. And as always, KCRO Lite would not be complete with out another "Beneath The Roots" with KCRO corespondent Rockin' Bobby Gee, this week, discussing the music we love and hate. All this and much much more on the Keep Calm and Rock On Experience!

Dec 28, 2015

2015 KCRO New Years Rockin' Eve


You are cordially invited to the first annual KCRO New Year's Rockin' Eve party at the KCRO Compound in downtown Baltimore, MD. Join Michael, Angelo, and Jamie as their guest while they ring in 2016 and take a look back at some of the best moments in rock and roll, and the first year of The Keep Calm and Rock On podcast. You will hear highlights from some of their best interviews over the past 9 months including Al Kooper, Nils Lofgren, G.E. Smith, Jimmy Vivino and many more. The gang will hand out their 2016 Sammy Award winners and also chat with a very special guest who calls in to discuss the business side of rock music in 2015 and beyond. And what year end party would be complete without a blooper reel of some of the funniest moments of this year's shows. All this and much much more on the first annual KCRO New Year's Rockin' Eve special!

Dec 21, 2015

Episode 23 - The First Cut Is The Deepest - The 1970s


Jamie, Angelo, and Michael are back for another full length edition of the Keep Calm and Rock On Experience. The Power Trio of Podcasting returns to the topic of greatest debut albums of all time. After starting the debate back in Episode 11 where they discussed the best debut albums of the 1960s, they move on today to the swinging 70s! They will discuss the climate of new music in the 1970s as well as the criteria for what does make a great debut album. There is no chance that all three will agree on the top spot is there? In the second half of the episode, Michael "The Killer" Koehler returns with another installment of is segment entitled "Ride The Lighting" where face paced questions are met with slow paced answers. All this and much much on The Keep Calm and Rock On Experience!

Dec 14, 2015

KCRO Lite - ExPeart Opinions and Centennial Celebrations


On today's KCRO Lite, Jamie, Angelo and Michael bring you all of this week's top rock and roll news in the segment "Second Hand News", where they hear it first, and you hear it second! Today's topics include discussions about the end of one of Angelo's all time favorite bands, as well as found memories about a talented singer, gone too soon. They answer listener questions and feedback in "The Mail Never Stops" and are joined by this week's Artist of the Week, J. Rushwell from Boston. As always, KCRO Lite concludes with another rousing edition of "Beneath The Roots" with KCRO corespondent Rockin' Bobby Gee, who rings in the holiday season with his segment entitled "Tough Guys Don't Sing Christmas Songs... Or Do They?" All this and much much more in the final KCRO Lite of 2015!

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